Thursday, March 26, 2020

Finally it’s Basing Night!

 All these were based using Luke APS basing mixes. They are all Arid grassland with a few having a sprinkle of City rubble on too. Nice and quick to do, no painting sand involved.


Home Tutoring #43 The Second World War

Tomorrow, the American civil War.
Well, after this battle my son asked if we could play war in the garden, who was I to say no. Lucky for him, his dad was born in the 70’s when playing war was not banned... let’s go.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Colonial Marines 28mm

 Here they are, the Colonial Marine Corps. As I’m a home during this time of crisis I had a bit of extra time to finish them off. I tried my hand at the odd piece of armour artwork and used decals for extra detail. Some of them are so small you can hardly see them, but I suppose it all helps with the personalised graffiti look.
 I have put  reference from my phone on this post so I can always find it again easily when I need it.

 This sniper isn’t from Woodbine miniatures, I think it’s from Scotia Grendel or something like that. I bought it off EBAY as I thought it would be good to include a sniper in the Platoon. He kind of mixes in and his scale is good with the others.

 It will be nice to include lots of variations in the armour for future figures, like an all green set or even a couple of desert camo designs.

More Desert Fighters from Trent Miniatures

 Another batch of angry Desert fighters swell the numbers of insurgents. The Colonial Marines have kicked a hornets nest! Due to the numbers of these guys I have opted to use quick shade, the marines are down stairs getting varnished the old fashioned way.

 Due to the amount of small details on the Marine’s armour, I am going for the more controlled route of using Kleer floor varnish then matte coating them.

 The quick shade is brushed on with an old brush for extra control, also I check them after a few minutes to wick away any pooling. I had great fun with a thin brush doing all the head wear, the secret is having the right consistency of paint to make it flow.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Colonial Marines

 Now the paint job is done I thought I would try to add a little personality to the Marines. The personal touches the Marines drew onto their armour were a huge part of the look of the unit. I gave this a bit of thought and decided to try some tiny decals I had bought for my 15mm sci-fi stuff.
 Once washed with decal fixer and varnished again they should work well. It’s just to add a tiny amount of colour and detail to the figures, just enough to catch the eye. Most of these decal sheets are for the Gundam range of plastic kits and we’re bought off EBay.

 I took the opportunity to stick some danger signs on these RPG’s while I had everything out.

Hudson’s classic armour from the film.