Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Dwarves of the Iron Hills

 Well here they finally are, the tough veterans of the Dwarf and Orc wars, the warriors from the Iron Hills. They are mostly old Asgard figures with a few citadel and Alterative Armies figures mixed in for variety.
 They are the closest figures I have found that match the description of the Iron Hills army. They even have packs on their packs, I think they are designed to be adventurers with supplies etc. They are described in the Hobbit as having mattocks, so I have swopped out a few axes for plastic GW dwarf hammers I bought off eBay.
 In GW terms they are used single handed but once these large hammer/mattocks are put on a two handed shaft they look a lot more feasible.

 Orc raiders bite off more that they can chew with an angry company of Dwarves.

 The Dwarves are master smiths so I concentrated on the armour more than I normally do. It was given a wash of blue ink, then purple ink in the corners. After this it was gloss varnished to make it shine. Hopefully It gives the impression of craftsmanship beyond the range of men, well that was the idea anyway.
 I tried to use lots of different metal colours and shades to enhance their metal working ability. The Orcs just have dirty, rust covered armour so this should contrast nicely.

The Dwarves square up to trolls...I have based them as if they were a kind of shield wall. This lot are running forward in an attack but my next company will be in a proper shield wall with large troll spears with hand weapons behind.

Neblos 4

 The blue weed really loves the vapor given off by the recycling vents, I must get out there and burn It back sometime...

Scatter basing 15mm sci-fi.

 After watching years of the Terrain Tutor on You tube, I thought it was time to use some of his wisdom with my own terrain. I base very quickly and the I didn't like the idea of painting sand on this larger scenic base. I flock whenever I can and thought these big sci-fi bases are a good place to try new techniques.
 So I laid out all of the flock tubs in a row and sprinkled the various shades on one after the other onto the wet wood glue in the areas I wanted them to be. I was happy with the result and it was fun to do.

 I kept the green areas around the structures where weeds would grow and placed dirt patches in the worn areas near doorways etc. Fun stuff and very quick and instant.

 Can't really tell the difference from painted sand with all of the grit under the flock and static grass tufts. I might try it next on some of the vehicles and it might be fun to try my ACW bases with this technique.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Sci-fi Jungle Fever

 A giant seed pod, this fruit stone has been in my stone box for years. I had scoped up the stones from the garden and the fruit stone was in them, glad to see it finally be of use.

 These plastic flowers were found in a garden centre, all I did was pull them off a larger stem and they were good to go. They look more like an alien woodland rather than a jungle. I stuck round pebbles on them to add to the effect.

 The bases were flocked using different colours and lots of blue grass again.

 Don't breath in...get that mask on trooper!
A Sand Titan smashes through the Yong yong trees in search of prey.

15mm Sci-fi Jungle

 The other day I found a packet of bright blue static grass in a hobby shop, 'great' I thought, 'that would be perfect for my 15mm project'.

 Now with sci-fi stuff you have two options, you can either go Near future...where everything is kind of like now with a few advancements, or you can go real outer space Sci-fi. I have deduced that with my Mech walkers and alien races I had better go for the latter. So, that said, I thought blue static grass would be weird but would defiantly show that it is something not of this earth...very Sci-fi.
 "You're not in Kansas anymore soldier!"
 Blue grass helps to give the bases an off world feel and also gives the troopers something to listen too as the burn the world.

 Well, one thing lead to another and before long I had pulled out the bags of Aquarium plastic plants I had been collecting for over five years. These I had picked up cheaply if and when I came across them with this project in mind. They gave the look of a very different kind of jungle to what we are used to seeing. My wife hated them and thought they looked silly, but it's like I told her, things up there are very different to down here. It always takes time to adjust and not to be scared.
Resin corals too come into their own when placed out of context.

Just got back from a lovely trip to Neblos 4

Well what can I say...it was lovely. The weather was typical Nebloian, although there were patches of intense flare now and then. The Yong yong trees were in full spackle and the smell was something else. It will take a bit of getting used too but I must admit the colours on Neblos are to die for.

 I mean I did get a bad case of Bore grecks on the second day which laid me up until Tuesday, but that wasn't bad as It gave me time to get the Lung spores flushed. All in all an amazing trip and one I would highly recommend.

Clear Skies.

Monday, December 03, 2018

The Loneliness of a Solo Wargamer...

It's a tough life being a solo wargamer sometimes. Keep your head down and keep on painting until the battle is won.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Hell on the Potomac!

I don't know why but I started to listen to some music entitled 'Celtic rock' on You-tube and this picture came out... sorry.

Monday, November 12, 2018

My New Eyes!

Thanks to a handy tip off the other day in the comment section, I followed a link to Amazon and acquired a nifty pair of new eyes for £19.99. I have to say they are really good and have made the world of difference to my painting. I can actually see belts and straps now where before, even with my painting glasses, things were getting difficult to see.

They come with about five different lenses of varying strength and a very handy head torch built in which does actually make a big difference. The benefit I have noticed over painting under the magnifying lamp thingy is that your brush is a lot freer and doesn't keep bashing into the lamp. It's very early days at the moment but the difference is huge, my eyes have been opened so to speak.

Since making my purchase I have noticed other brands on Amazon going for much less, always the way.


"More machine now than man, twisted and evil..."