Sunday, October 11, 2020

Bolg of the North and Troll chief

Basing night also saw me finally finishing these two bases. The first was an ogre from Reaper. After adding a green stuff helmet, I will use him as a Gundabad troll captain. He is based on the ones from the Hobbit movies.

Bolg of the North finally saw some love and got his base flocked. He is surrounded by huge orc bodyguards ( probably the ones Thorin couldn’t get through).


Basing Night

15 command stands should be enough for most games now.

As I will soon be moving house, there is a sense of impending doom growing over the hobby room. Things are starting to disappear into boxes. There are a number of WIP projects that  suddenly have a deadline, so tonight I thought it best to crack on and try to quickly finish a few. All the latest Dipped Federals were flocked and squirrelled away up stairs in their boxes.

Here can be seen the new guys added to some from earlier this month. The only real difference in basing was I didn’t use the Flock box on the latest ones. Time is an issue with so much to do, so I skipped that part of the process. Maybe in the future when things are less tense I can go back and finish them. The most important element with basing the ACW is dry herbs to act as sticks and dead grass.

I was pleased to see that this latest batch is easily a Brigade in strength, complete with command bases. The wagon was a purchase off eBay and was a real pig of a paint job. I repainted it quickly using washes. Job done and now the Union have another supply waggon.

The Brigade advances.
I was surprised to see how much bigger the 1st corps guns were compared to the old Foundry ones, considering they are both 28mm. Still, I don’t think anyone will care once on the board.
It was nice to finish off the skirmish bases, I used some moss from Luke APS to give them some soft cover.

Dry herbs work their magic for the terrain of North America.

My old bonsai tree keeps giving with its fantastic dead roots, all twisted and gnarled, great for bases. 

Union sharpshooter takes aim from his hiding place. Luke APS moss, again makes for some great scenery.

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Going for a late night dip!

The boys in blue get down and dirty.


Union Artillery

This trial worked out well, I used a 0.5mm permanent marker to draw checks on this shirt. Once coated with Dip should look okay.

For years I’ve been trying to paint up some Federal guns, but I never make it. I get locked into painting infantry and the canons seem not to hold the same allure. Well, finally with the help of the dip I’ve managed to break the habit.

 A Federal battery made up of canons from 1st corps and crews from Steve Barber and 1st corps.

Monday, October 05, 2020

Oathmark Battle

Trying to do a battle report on Blogger is hard work when your pictures are shuffled into a random string of events. So instead, here are pictures of the night for your enjoyment, I will add some thoughts along with them to try and explain the  action.
Bloody handed Elves! These guys were expensive in game terms but they certainly proved why. Holding back from the battle line they unleashed withering Volleys of arrows that destroyed multiple units.
These large angry looking orcs were classed as line breakers, they were my best unit on the field and were a lot of fun to use. They even got to destroy a Dwarven unit after charging it in the flank.

The Elven and Dwarf host race towards the river crossing to stop the orcs from getting across. A unit of wolves will be the first to cross, but are destined to be cut down by Elven bows.
The battle on the river edge went back and forth, the orcs would be disordered, reform, then attack again. Try as they might, they couldn’t make head way against the Dwarf veterans.
Elven arrows rip into the exhausted orc line breakers and finish them. The few survivors run for their lives or drown in the river. 
Here is the last shot of the game, what remain of the Orc soldiers retreat back across the river.
A battered but still fighting unit charge home to deliver the killer blow to the exhausted Dwarves.

Above is a shot of the armies rushing for the shallow crook in the river. It’s clear flowing water soon to be stained black with orc blood.
The battle... well what can I say. It was great fun and both my friend and I both really enjoyed it. My orcs were low on points for a proper game but it was more a case of seeing the different units in play. It was a shame my two Snow trolls didn’t get into melee, I would of liked to have seen how they did with their three dice, one being a champion dice. We both agreed that the troll stat should be increased to Damage 11 or even 12 for Middle Earth. 

My basing system came into its own too, each base was counted as a rank with five wounds. This worked very well with a dice being used to tot up casualties. It has left me wanting more which is a great thing. Now I’m thinking... what about some Elven spearman?  A last minute, impromptu game that led to a very enjoyable two hours play.

Flank attacks is what really makes the difference in this game for sure. I have always looked for a game that reflects Middle Earth armies and this game certainly hits the mark. The Elves were deadly and didn’t even get their feet wet in the river as they destroyed unit after unit. The orcs are good on the attack but struggle in prolonged assault and the Dwarves are well armoured and tough. Right, better start under coating those Elf spearmen...

Oathmark Game Night

Last night a friend and I decided to try out the new Oathmark rules. I have been painting up Middle Earth armies for over five years now and I thought it was time to get them dirty.
The scenario was a simple one, hold the river crossing from the filthy orc invader. Against these raiding parties of orcs were two units of ‘ warrior’ Dwarves and a unit of Elf archers.

Two trolls and a small pack of wolves tagged along with the three orc bands.

Dwarf Warriors in Oathmark are basically veterans, with their better combat skill and heavier armour. These were tough nuts to crack. One finally fell, being caught in a flank attack, but they gave as good as they got in the melee rounds.
Two Snow trolls lumber across the scrubland towards the river.