Monday, June 26, 2017

The eagles are Coming...Slowly but Surely.

 A old Gandalf figure from Citadel next to an eagle toy from Plastoy. I bought this guy off Amazon and was really happy at the size. Larger than the Schleich models but not by too much, just enough. I think he has a good scale to the 28mm figures too.
 My crowded painting table comes under aerial attack. I have a couple more of the 'wings up' Schleich model but I doubt I'll ever have room to field them, these guys are going to come in as expensive when It comes to points.

I have based the colouring on a Golden Eagle, to lesson the points values, I'm going to make two of them juveniles ( with the white feathers) and they will be less skilled and less expensive.
At the moment I have two hours a week to paint what with work and family commitments, these eagles are great and quick to paint with lots of wet and dry brushing going on, that said, my two hours are up for this week. Next week I hope to get a little bit closer to finishing them.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

North star/Osprey goblins out of the dark at last.

Here is the first look at North Star's and osprey's new plastic Goblin range. I think they look quite old school which is nice to see and with quite a nod to Tolkien.
 These are 3-ups and it looks like the arms have been stuck on with blue tac. The bases too will not be so thick in the final products. I like them and think they will do well. Looking forward to the Elves now after seeing the Dwarves and Goblins. The release date for these sets is still in the air but is mentioned as being later this year.
It will be interesting to see how they fit in with the Warlord games plastic orcs scale wise. Hopefully they will mix well but you know what orcs are like, always kicking off and scrapping at the slightest thing.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gwaihir, Wind lord.

Sorry I couldn't help myself...

Gwaihir Found, Alive and Well.

Whilst trawling amazon I came across this eagle model from a company called Plastoy. I had already collected several eagles from Schleich which were perfect for 28mm gaming, but I was wanting something a little special for the Wind lord himself.
 There was no scale on the photo on the site so I had to take a chance and ordered one, to my delight it turned out to be slightly larger than the Schleich models and with a better wing silhouette. Perfect for a leader of the Great eagles.

I have keep an eye open for years for good eagles of this scale, Schleich have just up dated their model (the one with the wings tucked in), the other one now is off the shelves. Still this gives me a little bit of variety in the units. I did try to bend the wings of the first one in warm water but they didn't set and just sprung back over time. So having these new versions is a very welcome thing.

 So, if you are looking for a cheaper option on giant, orc killing, wind soaring, troll scaring eagle, Amazon is a very good place to start your quest.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Norba Elves, The battle of the Ring figures.

 I saw an advert on the Dragon Rampant Facebook page and decided to follow It up. It was from Norba Miniatures from Spain, they have designed miniatures based on the 'Hobbit' movies. Their Elves are basically the armoured wood elves from the Battle of the Five Armies and In fact the range is called 'The battle of the Ring'. I was quite intrigued by these figures so I ordered a few. I will let you know what arrives through the door. I can't make out if they are plastic of resin...the bases look like resin to me.

 They are classed as 28mm and I'm hoping they will be on the large side so they match my Copplestone High Elves, let's just wait and see.
They are quite reasonably priced too I thought being 12 Euros for 10 figures, They also have plans to release Orcs again based on the 'Hobbit' movies.

It's a very good time to be collecting Tolkien style armies at the moment I think with osprey/Northstar about to release their fantasy plastic range of Elves, Dwarves and Goblins. These new plastic multi-part sets all draw quite heavily from Tolkien from what I have seen. Interesting stuff and very welcome in today's market.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Basing Night Is Finally Upon You

 I always dread basing, but It can be quite enjoyable if you line up enough units to make it worth while. I couldn't simply carry on painting when my shelves were beginning to scream under the weight of painted lead.

Time to draw a line in the sand and start to actually finish units rather than start new ones.

Starting a new unit is so much fun, working it out, researching colours and then finally painting it. Who cares If it's finished or not just keep moving on right and don't look back...time to pay the ferry man...Gulp.

I found this sand in an old green house in the garden when I moved house, I saw straight away its properties. Saruman tore down the garden and all the surrounding trees and building, including the old greenhouse. However, I managed to scoop up a huge bucket of the valuable grit and It is now safe under lock and key ( from my three year old) in a cabinet up stairs. It has a great range of grain sizes and plenty of small stones which look great on the bases.
 My ECW regiments finally get a trip to the beach to tip their toes in the warm sand. I plan to do these using a lot of coloured flock with just a few patches of sand/dirt showing through. the idea being to bash through them quick quickly.
 In contrast, my fantasy bases are painted and dry brushed the old time consuming way. I'm really trying to make these something a little bit different from my historical stuff, it's a bit of a labour of love.

Fantasy and Historical armies forget their petty differences for once and enjoy the trip to the beach.

Gundabad trolls

 Gundabad trolls are now painted and in the process of being based. They are smaller than the giant Mordor Trolls so I based them two to a base, four to a unit.
Beorn doesn't like them at all and takes great strides to let them know it. I know who my money is on but the dice gods are fickle things.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Heavily Armoured Gundabad troll

 For the first two I sculpted I used thin plastic card for the head blades, later I grew more confident and just used green stuff to shape the helmets.
 I printed out a page from Forge World of their Gundabad troll to help with the sculpting. It helped for this first one, the others I based on this theme and made them all different.

Creating Gundabad Trolls

 I love the look of the grim helmeted trolls from the Hobbit but didn't want to pay Forge World £60 a figure.So I bought 8 trolls for £10 off ebay ( Dark Alliance 1.72 scale). Together with a bit of green stuff I thought I would give it a go creating my own. I was quite pleased with the results. Once painted they should look just the ticket. Saved myself around £240, can't be bad.

 These dark Alliance trolls are 1.72 scale and are like 20mm. They actually match the size of the smaller trolls at the end of the  hobbit movie that I'm really pleased about, perfect for my Gundabad army and different from my larger Mordor trolls.
They will be based two to a 60 x 60mm stand, In Dragon Rampant they will have 3 hit points each, so four to a unit.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Thursday, March 09, 2017

ECW 2nd Regiment WIP

Being parliamentarians, I had to put a preacher in the back ranks.

 A unit of Musket for Pikeman's Lament.
Two blocks of musket or a unit of commanded shotte

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Basing The Gundabad legion

 Centurion style captain with his colour guard of veteran blades.

 The Nick Lund Hobgoblin and the Centurion became firm friends whilst stuck on the painting lolly stick together, It made sense that they were based next to each other.
 Warlord games orcs with arms and weapons from various Perrys plastic box sets. I also had a few lesser Goblins left over from before,These were great at filling up spaces and around five sneaked in to the bases, more the merrier.
 The 'Perrys' French hundred years war plastic set came with loads of great long spears and nasty long axes, very orcy.
They marched as if a great black river had descended from the mountains and wolves were in their van.
 Three units of gundabad orcs with the large uruks at the front. You can see the size of these Beserkers now there are lesser orcs with them.
Black uruk captain.

 My guide for this Gundabad army was to use orcs that mirror the style that Angus McBride developed when illustrating the MERP rules in the eighties. A lot of figure companies have copied his style when making a range of orcs. My collection above are just a few, I'm sure I could find more if I looked. It's great for tying the army together with a general look and theme.

Above are orcs from Warlord games, Icon lotr orcs (now available from Forlorn Hope). Mark Copplestone Half-orcs too make great Gundabad orcs and bring some nasty looking swords to the spear units.
The beserkers are mostly Reaper Bones and a few metal ones too.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Creating WWII bases using Milliput and toy cars

 I sent these pictures to a friend recently to help him with some basing ideas. Well, I thought as I have them on my Desk top I might as well repost them. The full story is back on this Blog around 2008 I think.

 Once painted in dark brown 'mud' colour, I gave the tracks a wash of PVA glue to give it a wet look. The glue drys with a slight shine.