Friday, June 02, 2006

Minting Secundus coins (campaign 7)

To help the campaign and increase moral, the first batch of silver Denarii are minted, baring the head of Secundus on one side and the figure of Virtory on the other. These will help pay the troops and spread the name and image of Secundus across the empire.


Kirk said...

So you finally found out how to spell dinari...denaree..denari...dana...oh bugger it.

professor nobson dyles said...

ahh - that little trick with the resolution worked then i see!
definitely clearer crisper sharper brighter.
look forward to seeing the map (oh - you're in for a treat folks)

also - where can i get a dressing gown like the chap on the right?

Scutatus said...

TREASON! We suspected it before and now you openly admit it. Treason by the gods!

Prepare to receive Legions!