Friday, May 11, 2007

Roman light Infantry

Here's the first batch of 'lights' to roll off the old painting table. This unit of twelve was a nice small number to paint and didn't take long to do. It is made up of figures from both Gripping Beast and Foundry with the Centurion coming from Essex Miniatures. I don't really like their new range of Romans, but this Centurion figure and his variants is the exception.

Being Light Infantry, I have based the figures two to a base, this gives the impression they are spread out and fighting in skirmish order.
A close up of the New Essex Centurion, I thought his pose was perfect for a skirmishering officer. Also, to give the impression of rough ground the Light Infantry had to cover, I have placed bushes and scrub on some of the bases. A little touch, but it helps fill the base and add to the effect. These bases need to be flocked with grass to be finished. I will do this when I have painted up a few units, then flock them all together in one go.

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