Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tullus and the Senate

The news of the Secundian victory put a black cloud over Tullus and set a cat among the pigeons of the Senate. Tullus had won a close battle at Valentia a few months before and had hoped for a quick victory over the shattered Secundian army. Now the Secundian General Flaccus had brought home an over whelming victory at Narona, Tullus knew the Secundian cause was far from dead. The news of the battle in Dalmatia had even got some senators motioning for peace terms with Sucundus.

Tullus's idea for a quick war was vanishing before his eyes, when he had backed the Senate and marched to war, there had only been Secundus to worry about, now there was Alanicus also. Tullus started to grow tired of this contest of egos and the constant nagging of the Senate. He longed once more for the quite life and the fields of Spain. There were murmurs in the Senate.

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