Friday, February 20, 2009

Where's that Tea?!

To add variety, I added some tea mugs to a few backpacks. Also to disguise the amount of duplicate figures, I stuck clumps of grass to some of their helmets.
These are all Crusader Miniatures, which after a lot of looking around, I thought where the best on the market. The chap with the Thompson is from Bolt-action Miniatures.


Scutatus said...

Brilliant Pictures. I've always loved your attention to detail. I'm so chuffed with what you've done with these guys. Looking forward to seeing the Vickers and Mortar support. :D

BigRedBat said...

Very nice painting! What rules are you using?

Fraxinus said...

Top notch painting, tea mugs essential for brits in any era!

Secundus said...

I have painted up this Platoon to use with Rules of Engagement, which uses a 1:1 man ratio.

I haven't played it yet but from what I can tell the rules borrow heavily from Warhammer 40K (where I started from all those years ago). A lot of the rules are the same with different names and ranges given in cm rather than inches etc. In other words the rules are for large skirmishes where every figure on the board counts!

As soon as I get around to finishing their support I'll give them a field test and let you know the out come.