Friday, August 20, 2010

Batavians in progress

In the end I went for Brown Ink wash rather than dipping in stain, It proved a quicker drying time and allowed me to get on with the shields. Seeing the Batavians illustrated in the latest Osprey book proved too much for me and I decided I had put them to one side for long enough. I also chose the shield design that I have seen used by many illustrators and re-enactment groups alike, as Batavian.


BigRedBat said...

Handpainted shields; very flash! I recognise the shields form Roman Which Osprey covers Auxilia?

I'm just basing my own Batavian unit up.

Cheers, Simon

Consul said...

Isn't it the Mons Graupius Osprey?

Awesome work on the shields. Looking forward to seeing more.


Secundus said...

The book can be seen in the top Photo, it is the Mons Graupius one as Consul says, it's quite new out but well worth a look.

Bluewillow said...

you are getting sick if you are painting sheilds!

keep up the great work

Sunny Oz

Andrew said...

I have a thing for Roman shield blazons. This one is also illustrated in Peter Connolly's Greece and Rome at War. I believe the design is a stylized palm branch, which was a symbol of victory in the ancient Mediterranean. It looks really good small and in multiples on your models.

P.S. Would you be interested in a review copy of my newly published WWII book?

Secundus said...

Yes please Andrew, I sent you an e- mail did you get it?

BigRedBat said...

Thanks re Osprey Secundus,

They look great. I think you have caught the aggressive look very nicely... they are more animated than mine, and hairier.

I finished my own unit before I left for hols, but didn't have enough time to take photos. :-(