Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Batavian Auxiliaries

I treated myself to some new products from Silflor, namely some clumps of weeds. These are basically tufts with tiny leaves stuck on. They had sold out of the spring time ones I wanted, so I bought the Summer time ones and gave them a brown Ink wash, just to knock them back a bit. I quite like them and they look good on the bases. I see that Army painter are releasing more and more grass tufts, I think It's only a matter of time before they bring out weed clumps.


Der Tsstler said...

looks good, the basing is looking like like british spring isn't it ?
I know the cmd is from warlord, what are the manufactures of the rest ?


Secundus said...

I found a good earth coloured flock which I have to say looks great and saved me a lot of time on the bases. I picked it up in a model railway shop. The green flock is also from a Railway shop but I'm afraid I don't know the make of it.

Secundus said...

All the extras like the grass tufts and weed clumps come from Silflor.

Secundus said...

The figures are a mixture of Foundry and Warlord Games, the Batavian feel to the unit comes from a generous helping of Gripping Beast Celts.

Bluewillow said...

looking good, "but will they stand and fight"!

keep u[p the great work



Weed clumps. Hmmmm

BigRedBat said...

Very nice!

I use the weeds, too, they are surprisingly effective and a little goes a long way. I have been thinking about trying flowers, too.

Gabriele C. said...

Bluewillow, they're Batavians. Of course they will fight. :)

Cezary Wyszynski said...

Hello Mr Secundus

I would like to talk with you about your roman pictures.

But I cant find any contact to you.

I am Optio of Legio XXI Rapax from Poland


Please write to me on : cezar@freha.pl

best regards
Cacaivs Rebivs Asellio

Secundus said...

Hi Cezary, I'm afraid I'm pretty snowed under with work at the moment so If you are enquiring about illustrations I'm afraid I can't really help. I have a mad rush coming up to Christmas and the Blog pictures are just a break from work really. Sorry.

Caballo said...

Fantastic painting of the figures and the cartoons are great. I reenact Cohors i Batavorum ( we are here at http://www.romanarmy.net/ and were really pleased to have photos of us featured in the Osprey on Mons Graupius). I'm the tall Batavian in the manica, known as Caballo. Any help you need, I'm Caballobatavian on Facebook.