Saturday, February 19, 2011

Parlimentarian Horse

The Orange sash of Parliament marks this man out as a Round head. I always thought that there wasn't a lot of difference between the Orange sash of Parliament and the Red sash of Royalist, In the smoke of battle things must have got pretty confusing I'm sure.
I think It's funny when It comes to ECW what side people choose when they start to collect and paint. I think It says something about you to which side you throw your lot in with. I chose to collect a Royalist army with out a second thought, even though I'm not much of a Royalist in this day and age. Royalist Cavalry.

I think it just appealed to my loyal mentality. I'm sure the members of the Sealed Knot must go through the same dilemma when looking for a Regiment to join.
Mind you, my town was a Royalist garrison for a while so that might have swayed matters back then of course.


The Angry Lurker said...

Good picture, being an Irishman I would have just been awkward:D

commissarmoody said...

I would most likely go for who ever payed me or owned my property at the time.

Doc Smith said...

I like him - he's got real character and the detailing on the figure's clothing is excellent!


Paul´s Bods said...

When I saw this on my dashboard I thought "he gone and made a model of one of his drawings"""! It looks 3D...brilliant

Ian said...

5 years in the Kings Lifeguard of Foote, was as I thought at the time the most local Regiment but in fact Hutchinsons was even closer as it was the same town as me!!!! Would not change though as I wanted to fight for the King and anyway The Guards the dogs danglies

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

God save the King and Christmas! should sum up which side of the line I stand on. :-)


Secundus said...

God save the King!

Robert said...

Repulsive but right, romantic but wrong.

Tough call...