Thursday, May 05, 2011

Finishing of the Legions

I have been racing through most of my old Legions and just finishing off the odd job here and there, this Pannonian Legion has been waiting for it's third Cohort for over a year, well, after a long drawn out march... here it is.

It still needs it's Primus Pilus and Eagle bearer to be totally complete, but they are on they're way. I also need to complete two other Eagle bases for two other Legions as well, but they too are on the to do list. When all is completed, we hope to carry on our Roman campaign but this time, using the COE rules instead of WAB.

These figures are from Companion Miniatures. The crested ones are from the Foundry Caesarian range. I used Citadel Ink wash to shade these as I wanted more control and a quicker drying time. Black Ink for the armour and brown Ink for the flesh and equipment.


Ray Rousell said...

I'm glad someone else's table looks as messy as mine, nice shields by the way, I've not seen that design in green before.

sebastosfig said...

It's as messy as mine too ^^
I find them more menacing with their dark green shields. Don't you think?

DeanM said...

Looking good - I like your hand-painted shield designs a lot too. Are these rectangular scutum the originals that come with the figures? Regards, Dean

Curt said...

That shield design is brilliant. Great work.


"OH YEAH" up the Pannonians!!!

Secundus said...

The Shields are a mixtue of Gripping Beast and Foundry. I have replaced their Caesarian shields to bring them more up to date with the rest of my Imperial forces. I always use the Lorica Hamata armoured Legionaries as Eastern troops, or ones furthest from Rome.

The Green was a bit of an experiment, but I think it works. I was afraid it was too much of a modern colour (WWII) but I think I get away with it.

The shield design is one I made up based one lots of reference. I was trying to design one that would look quite Roman, but be easy to paint and reproduce many times over.

Secundus said...

Yeah my table has a life of it's own.

I have relised that it doesn't matter if I move to a bigger table because that would just equal a bigger mess.