Monday, June 06, 2011


I have started to plan some alternative war games for this year. A game of Zombies would be great fun. Has anyone got any Zombie recommendations. I saw some plastic Zombie WWII Germans, but couldn't find the company that made them.

I started planning a friends Birthday present battle , featuring Zombies of a sort but with a twist. More on that later, however I have ordered them from Black Tree so I hope they arrive this year...


The Angry Lurker said...

Studio miniatures do 28mm german zombies.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

For your zombie Apocalyptic rules I like this forum and it's free rule set. Although to get the rules you have to join.

Miniatures: (Large selection) (Best survivors) (Best Zombies) (Very good as well)


Alex_Nay said...

For me and in plastics are from Mantic,

Alex_Nay said...

But the best ever....studiominiatures, are really nice, we play with this rules
"Dead Walking Again"

Ray Rousell said...

Take a look at these, if, and it is a mighty big if, I was ever going to do zombies I'd go for these, 15mm Nazi zombies.

Scutatus said...


Brainssssssssssssssssssssss Englander Braiiiiinssssssssssssss

Consul said...

Don't hold your breath..

Drew said...

Wargames Factory Zombie Horde and Two Hour Wargames All Things Zombie.
My shambolic horde: Zed Herring: Meet the Zeds

Le snot à barbe said...

Yes, All Things Zombies for all your modern zombies games needs ! Ans for something more "exotic" Pike & Shot & Zombies from AB One Games of Father Tilly's fame.

clément said...


For good Nazi Zombies I think Grindhouse miniatures is good.
The game is called Incursion, I got some, they looks great!

Vinnie said...

Another great company for zombies is West Wind and their Secrets of the Third Reich range:

Adelaide Gamer said...

I am soooo looking forward to what this is going to bring forth from the iron mitt.

Secundus said...

Thanks everyone this is really helpful. I shall trawl through these at my leasure. painting Zom's will be fun!

Welcome back Adelaide Gamer! long time no see. Good to see you in the land of the blog again!

Allan and Carmen said...


Waiting to see how the gaming with Zombies goes.

I am heading away from GW games more and more and down a path that is good fun :)



Paul´s Bods said...

I saw that picture the other day..sunday morning in my bathroom..where the mirror normally hangs :-D

Joel said...

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Docsmith said...

Bbbrraaaaainnzzzzz... nom nom nom

Looks like my eldest after he's had a night on the turps!

I think Wargames Studios in the US do a nice range of 28mm zombies.

Nice use of excessive zombie saliva in the drawing by the way.