Thursday, August 09, 2012

Parliamentarian troops

Here is a shot of Parliamentarian troops marching off the field at Newstead Abbey this year. It was a very wet day that Sunday but It was my first taste of battle and I loved it. I was fighting against these guys and will add some more pictures soon.

Picture: Zoe Herbert-Jackson


Ian said...

I remember those days. Newstead is just down the road from me, I wish I knew I would have gone to watch


Hazel West said...

I love your blog, especially the comics, I just randomly found it and am glad I did. I am very jealous of all your little figures haha :)

DibnerGallery said...

Hi! I'm very impressed with your work. There's a newspaper for reenactors with which I'm involved that might love your work. Are you on facebook? I'm Tal Dibner, a painter of historic scenes. I would be delighted if you'd email me at

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