Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun with Goblins

I thought I would have a little fun today as I'm struck down with a bad cold. What better way to cheer yourself up then get mucky with Goblins...

 An early Gnoll figure

These are very old sculpts again from the early 80's and like the early Dwarves, have loads of character. I am going to base them ready to play Hordes of the Things, so with a 60mm wide front. To get more on this 'Horde' base I'm going to make it deeper than usual, at 60mm rather than 40mm. A true horde of unwashed critters to swarm over anyone who stands in their way.

 Basic base colours before a wash of brown ink was added.

 They are painted quickly using just base colours. Mostly WWII German uniform colours for skins tones, then washed with Delvan mud ink wash from GW. Nice and quick and effective.

The red/brown skin tone is musket brown from Foundry.

 To get the true feeling of the base being a horde, I added a few extra tiny Lesser Goblins at the back. It's numbers that count with Goblins.
The figures are old Citadel Greater Goblins/ Gnoll sculptures. I like them a lot and will try to give each Goblin horde it's own identity. This group has one side of its face covered in  white warpaint.

German uniform grey and greens made really good skins colours for these chaps.


Rob Alderman said...

Cool stuff! I can see some Alternative Armies lesser goblins in there too!!!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Fantastic work as ever

Inspirational :)

PanzerKaput said...

Great stuff there

Hi there Iron Mitten I am very happy to award you this Liebster Blog Award which I hope you dont mind. Please check out my blog for more info.

Sire Godefroy said...

Looks quite cool, I like their rough and gritty appearance. Oldies but goldies, as they say.


BigRedBat said...

Fabuloso! Old Skool Goblins.

Steven said...

Excellent work! I see you have already been nominated for a Liebster award - well I'm too lazy to find someone else so I guess you have the distinct honor of being twice-awarded.

el frances said...

Great !!!
I just send this message to inform you that I have chosen your blog for my "blog awards" selection.
Many thanks for yours figurines and yours cartoons

Bec Vinson said...

great painting and the old figures are fantastic...champion


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