Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Final Push

 These large pieces will go into more 'Really Useful Boxes' but the next size up.

 I think when I get to the new place I will only have one cabinet, the smaller one for, display.

The dusty state of my forgotten poor old figures from the main cabinet quite depressed me. I think I will keep most of them in these handy boxes, dust free and easy to get to and move around.

Finally both cabinets are packed really for the move...Phew!


BigRedBat said...

You know you want one! ;-)


Secundus said...

That's great, so the 'Really Useful Boxes' actually fit inside those do they...very handy. We had been looking at those cupboards for something else (books) but that's great.

The only problem I can see is my new WG room is a converted actic and some of the roof is sloping. Might cause problems with a big unit but we'll have to see. Thanks for the tip Simon.

BigRedBat said...

Hmmm, it's certainly a tall piece! Might be worth a trip to Ikea with a really useful box under your arm.

Cheers, Simon

jmilesr said...

I also use "Really Useful Boxes" to store mini's in bulk and to transport them for "away" games.

While the stack nicely (as your photo shows, I've leaned to add in a tie strap because while they're stable on there own they can be tipped over by a lumbering adult (me) or cruel animal (say a cat). Gravity can do terrible things to mini's stacked in boxes.

Good luck with the move

Sidney Roundwood said...

Best of luck with the move! I'm sorting out a wargames room in the house later in the year, so I'm watching your storage solutions with a lot of interest! Love the blog, BTW!