Saturday, January 18, 2014

Thorgrim's Eighties Adventure

 After hacking his way through fifteen Goblins, Thorgrim looks around to see another war band running his way. My friend joked that I was sneaking Orcs into the war bands to give them an edge but in the end it made no difference, they were all butchered in turn.
 By this stage we started to realise the whole one sided scale of things and even made this rather cruel looking orc a champion...he was slaughtered before he could raise his axe. So on they came, wave after wave of angry goblins, incensed by this hairy trespasser. More came and more fell to Troll Biters swift strokes.
 The game had turned out to be so much fun that we had completely lost track of time. I had work in the morning and my friend still had to be dropped home. So to finish things off and by 'things' I mean Thorgrim, we decided to test his steel against an Orc Minor Hero.
This may have seemed a shame but Thorgrim was not tiring and the game had to come to an end sometime. Gothbag Gutdrinker would finish him for sure, for Thorgrim had already taken a wound from the wolf. Around and around they went both exchanging blows and both saving with their armour. Finally in one epic last effort Thorgrim scored two hits and they both turned into wounds. In one stroke Gothbag had his legs cut from under him and was slain. Thorgrim had survived Goblin valley.

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What a wonderfully fun and memorable evening - that seems to have been. :)