Sunday, March 02, 2014

Mordor Shield Designs

 Here are some Mordor orc shields and banners I have collected over the last few weeks in preparation of my Mordor army.

 Some of them are lifted straight from the Internet and taken from books and films, however most of them have been made up in true orcy fashion. I wanted them to be simple to paint at 28mm but also I didn't think orcs would spend much time with their artistic abilities.

So the more simple ones will adorn the Snaga and grunts of the warbands, while the more intricate designs are set aside for officers and persons of higher rank.

One of my goals is to refight the Battle of the five armies with Bolg and his heavy armoured bodyguard and hordes of orcs and goblins. Mount Gundabad is their home so I've decided to incorporate it into their shield designs. Mount Gundabad is a huge mountain at the end of the Misty mountain range, It has three peaks. I worked up some ideas using the three peaks as a general theme, some incorporate the eye of Sauron.

 I hope these come in handy for anyone creating a Middle Earth army, I know I had a lot of fun drawing them up.



AHunt said...

Both are very cool. Thanks for putting those up. My artistic abilities are on a par with an orc's so these should be right up my alley.

Scott Bowman said...

I may 'borrow' a few of those ;-)

Emilio said...

Great designs!! Very orcish... :D

Aidan said...

I'm impressed that you sketch all these up as a separate design process. Very nice.

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