Monday, February 22, 2016

The pikeman's lament

 The news of the new osprey release 'The Pikeman's lament' has almost pulled me away from my Fantasy project.
 My head has been filled with new basing ideas and the thought of finishing units that have hidden in boxes for three years. Think of It...small units means you can paint forces quickly... I must stay on target...Time to listen to the Hobbit again and wash away the pike and shot temptation.
Although I love the idea of the new rules, they are designed to be a skirmish set. This is of course perfect for playing the English Civil War with countless minor skirmishes going on all over the place. Although, I do still love the idea of fielding big units for ECW that use four standards, as I think the look of multiple fluttering banners really sums up the period.
 Above is some mussing on the basing subject. It may be a case that I stick to my usual 4 to a base for the new osprey game, this would work equally as well but maybe not look as good. The cavalry and Dragoon basing for the new rules looks very effective, so that may tempt me.


AdamC1776 said...

If its based on the same sytem as Lion/Dragon Rampant... it will scale up well enough with the aplication of common sense.

Ubique Matt said...

There is no strict basing system for The Pikeman's Lament so you are free to base as you wish. The co-author uses an unusual system which works well if you are starting from scratch. I'm using casualty markers because I had numerous units already based.

As with Lion Rampant the system allows you to easily scale up (or down) depending on the numbers of figures you want to use.

Secundus said...

Yes my bases are the same as yours. I think it's the most popular for ECW. Great idea with the dice markers should stop them getting mixed up in the mayhem.

Ubique Matt said...

Just seen a better, and easier, method than the one I used:

Might be of interest.

StuRat said...

I was going to mention the same system as I believe Matt mentioned. It can be seen here:

Dalauppror said...

Greate that our rules have inspired you :)
I really hope they Will provide a kind of game that you like!

The basing are not that important as long as both players use the same. I have Also scaled up some of our playtest games using 12 bases (1,2,3 basing) instead of the usual 12 minis, give me units of 24 minis Compared to 12 as normal in the rules.
Looking forward to see your project
Best regards Michael

NaRong said...

The Pikeman's Lament are intended for the pike and shot period The ... The Pikeman's Lament takes its core mechanics from the Lion

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