Thursday, June 16, 2016

Iron Hills Dwarf

Here is an dwarf warrior from the Iron Hills, a tough veteran of many battles .

This drawing is based on the description in the Hobbit book. He wields a two handed heavy war mattock and carries a round shield on his back. Also on his back he carries a large bag of food and supplies. His beard is tucked into his belt and he wears a long mail hauberk down to his knees. On his back under his shield he carries a short board bladed sword. I have also given him a small axe for close work.

The Asgard Dwarf figures match this look to a tee, even the bags of supplies and the round shields on the back. I have given my Dwarf a helmet like the Asgard miniatures and I think it still looks in character.

 LOTR is set in an alternative Dark Ages so lots of chain mail, scale mail and leather work, even Peter Jackson couldn't resist the look of plate armour in his films. Still great films though and so I forgive him.


James said...

That's a proper Dwarf warrior!

Otto van Lemonocle said...

YES-YES-YES-YES! THIS IS HOW THEY SHOULD BE! This is exactly what they look like in the "Hobbit"! I really disliked those in the Hobbit 3 film, they were nothing like this!

Secundus said...

Ha ha yes I agree, I kept looking for pictures of the Iron Hills dwarves but couldn't find anything I liked, so I thought I would create my own. Glad you like him.

NaRong said...

The Dwarves of the Iron Hills were Dwarves belonging to the house of the Longbeards, otherwise known as Durin's Folk, who lived in the Iron

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