Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Grunts explore Bottle Top City

 I've been collecting bottle tops and the like for years now with the mind to using them for 15mm Sci-fi modelling.
It brings great pleasure to use something you would normally throw away to make into a piece of hi tech scenery. Most of the buildings here are from Brigade miniatures, but the little glass skylight is a drinks cap from my sons favourite juice. The large red cap is from a water bottle.

 For 15mm Sci-fi I thought it would be a good idea to create little environments on modular bases. This way they can be moved around to create different setting.
 The building were sprayed with German brown from Humbrol, they came out quite dark once painted. They aren't quite finished so I can lighten them up still with some detailing I think.
 Beta squad get behind Jonson with the squad automatic weapon (SAW). "This is turning into a freaking bug hunt!"
 As well as bottle tops I also keep an eye out for any usable thing in 15mm scale. Hot Wheels do some very usable machines that are worth picking up. they are very cheap compared to war games models.
 I finally got to use my Tamiya mud pen on this little truck. I've only just found out you can water the mud down for a better effect. The truck was just given a brown wash and is ready to go, I didn't want to paint over all the tiny decals on it which work well for 15mm.
 "Easy Hudson...easy..."
The modular base, this will be added to and flocked with sand. It might be an idea to add some sort of low wall for a bit of protection from ballistics.


Don M said...

nice use of bits and bobs .....my own stash of such is considerable.....)

J Jackaman said...

Very effective and cheap too. Great idea.

caveadsum1471 said...

Effective bit of recycling! Looks great and I like the repurpoused bulldozer too.
Best Iain

Pat G said...

I love the idea of using bottle tops. I am always on the lookout for bits of interesting stuff. Hotwheels and other assorted small cars are great for SF. They are also the right size for 3x Car Wars gaming.