Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Gondolin Blades

This is an idea I have for a unit of Elves for Dragon Rampant. They will be classed as light Infantry as with all my Elvish warriors but will have the 'venomous' trait added to them. This gives them a double hit on any six rolled on their attack. This will equate to the excellent quality of their Elven blades. The blades being able, on a good stroke to cut through two opponents at once.

My Elven units are very heavy on points coming in around eight points a company (12 men). They will be classed as Light Infantry but will also have Elven armour to give them a six saving throw ( to make up for their Light status). Being Light Infantry, they can move fast and really move some distance when needed.They will also have the aggressive trait to make them better in melee.

 A house rule I intend to use is to ignore the rule that says 'wall of spears' (shieldwall really) has to be dropped if the unit is classed as aggressive. Both my Elf and Dwarf units will have both of these traits and It should go some way to show how skilled they are in combat compared to their human counterparts. All great fun.


James said...

Hmmmm I like your ideas!
My orcs have bows but I'm thinking I may let them form shield walls anyway
Venemous and mystical armour for my elf spearmen is an interesting thought

Secundus said...

It does stack up the points slightly but Elves should be very good at fighting which aggressive helps with. The armour throw helps with the fact that light troops are rather weak and the powerful venomous trait gives them an edge with their Elven made weapons. Of course its not actually Venomous but represents the unstoppable edge of the blades cutting through most things that get in the way.
The Elven archers are a little more tricky, in the rules they are just good bowmen with the marksman trait added, however in melee they will be eaten alive by even a weak unit of Moria Goblins. I have tried to rectify this by giving them the armour save with their high quality Elven mail. However , we will have to see if that is enough to give them an Elven feel in the game. I imagine it will help although the unit will still be a great risk in melee.

Secundus said...

P.S loving your latest Mordor orcs on the Dragon Rampant Facebook page, that standard must of taken you hours and hours to paint.

James said...

Not quite hours but my hand was cramping up at the end!

Mad Padre said...

Coming late to this party but I agree with my friend James that your ideas are well thought out and worth stealing for my own elves in DR.
You are correct that archers in general in DR fare very badly once they are caught in melee, though it's tempting to over-compensate to make Eleves be as elfy and formidable as most Tolkien fans think they should be. Like your idea of using the Venonomous attribute in DR to indicate their skill and superior wargear.

thanida said...

Awesome thanks for the tutorial. It helps!