Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Gundabad trolls

 Gundabad trolls are now painted and in the process of being based. They are smaller than the giant Mordor Trolls so I based them two to a base, four to a unit.
Beorn doesn't like them at all and takes great strides to let them know it. I know who my money is on but the dice gods are fickle things.


Greg Gillespie said...

Superb. Please take another pic or two in good light :)

Secundus said...

Ha ha will do. I'm afraid the only time I get to do this stuff is very late at night. I will take another pic in the morning when the trolls are finally flocked and finished.

Phil Curran said...

Ditto the above. Looking good so far.

Secundus said...

okay I've dug out another couple of shots taken on the night of the trolls.

leang heng said...

Looking so good!


Goldenslot said...


aeclubwoi said...

Thank you so much. exciting !!