Thursday, September 14, 2017

Basing in process

 Last night I got to use my new flock box that arrived yesterday, after a tip off from a good friend.
 My quick base flocks were put down but when It came to the static grass I used the static box to make them stand up. I have never really used this static device before and was impress with the result. These bases still need the tufts of long grass and flowers to be added but are almost done.
  While the wood glue was still wet with the flock and grass on top, I pushed a brown paint into it with a brush to make muddy footprints and churn up the ground. The whether here is mostly wet and a field in the country would get pretty boggy pretty quickly with hundreds of horses and men running around it. So I made the decision to muddy up the bases..
Another huge decision I made was to split the musket blocks in half. I did this to give me a little more choice on how to field them, also things like entering building, lining hedgerows and spreading out should look better with this option.

 The pike block I kept as one solid block, I had them based individually before for pike man's lament and didn't like the look. So they stay as a solid mass. The musketeers once pushed together again look the same as they did before, so nothing has changed about the look of the formed up regiment.


Simon Miller said...

Looking very good, Secundus! I've been flocking mine, too, photos hopefully tomorrow.

Secundus said...

Many thanks Simon for the link to the Flock box, I'm very pleased with the results. Quite messy but worth it.

Simon Miller said...

Probably also useful as an emergency defibrillator. ;-) I've has soooo much use out of mine.

caveadsum1471 said...

Nice looking basing, they don't half pop against that yellow background!
Best Iain