Thursday, November 01, 2018

Working out basing for AWI

 Here is a few quick shots of me trying to work out a good base size for my AWI project. The rules I will be using are the Bonnie Blue Flag rules for the ACW but obviously with a few range tweaks etc.

 It's a toss up between having three to a base or four and still using my bases cut for my ACW collection which are 30x45mm. So basically, three with a 45mm frontage or four figs with a 30mm frontage. Both have their strengths... however, I know that the author of the rules mounts his four to a base and numbers are always good so I will probably go with the four to a base. In BBF it is recommended that units are six bases strong for a regiment. This works out well for the Continentals with the Brits having seven bases with the Grenadiers included.

 I will be using 'Loyalists and Patriots' rules for the regiment strengths as this is a great place to start for unit composition for new comers.

 The smaller 30mm frontage will help with getting more units on the board with the extra bonus of a slightly higher head count too. One of the things I like about BBF is it's use of skirmishers that can screen units and are an active part of the regiment. For my AWI collection I plan to have a base of three' light' figures but also three loose, single mounted figures that can skirmish. I love the look of this. Having a solid base of light bobs also means I can put light bases together to form converged units.

The Black death sweeps American in the late part of 1775.


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The black death is quite cute though!

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What's the ground scale? Figure ratio?

After the early battles both sides (Hessians excepted, maybe) adopted an Order formation (loose files). Essentially, a unit's frontage would be the same length as a single rank of men standing shoulder to shoulder. (One of the formation maneuvers would have the second rank pass through the first rank.)

So, if a man is judged to be 18" wide, a formation's frontage would be half as many yards wide as the number of men in the formation(there woould be file closers, etc. not in the fighting ranks, but also gaps in between the battalions "divisions, so maybe it is a wash).

If one casting is 20 men, the amount of space you allot that casting is ten yards.

4 castings on a 30mm wide base (1:20 figure ratio) is 80 men, therefore frontage is 40yds. 30mm = 40yds. 1mm=4 feet.
3 castings on a 40mm wide base; 40mm = 30yds. That's close to 1mm = 1 pace.

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Good to see you back ~ I’ve missed your postings. Yes, good glasses and strong lights make a huge difference as we age! (At this point I’m a 59 year old jeweler.) I don’t like optivisors (my wife does) But I love my closeup work glasses. I found it critical to explain/show my optometrist what distances I work and paint at. That made a big difference. And, yeah, it’s almost time to up my prescription’s magnification. Good Luck and looking forward to enjoying more of your Inspiring work!
~ Tom T

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Many thanks for the feed back guys and thanks Tom, it's good to be back.