Thursday, January 10, 2019

Making Early Saxons from Old

 West Wind Saxon heads really come into their own when trying to re age these figures.
 Since taking these pictures I have sculpted furs and cloaks. Nothing says early Saxons more than a cloak and some fur on the shoulders. I think it sets them apart from the later look, something tells me I will be going crazy with the green stuff.

 Here are some of my old painted Essex minis, the bare headed ones are fine but the nasal helmet guys will have to be changed.
A large base with around twelve figures on it, I intend to use Footsore miniatures for the leaders and command as they are some of the best sculpts on the market. My old Saxon figures will back these up.
Sutton WHO?


Phil said...

Splendid figures, great details!

Ray Rousell said...

They look pretty good.

Jack Sarge said...

That looks like a very cool project. I prefer earlier Anglo Saxons to the 1066 look. Folks tend to focus on either the earliest stuff or the 1066 stuff, but there were hundreds of years of Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms fighting amongst themselves & their neighbours - your conversions look like they would work nicely from 6th century to 10th. :-)

Secundus said...

Hello Jack nice to see you on here, I always like seeing your stuff and it gives me something to aspire to.
Yes I’m looking forward to getting a base of these Saxons done, there’s a lot of modelling scope in this dark age stuff.