Monday, July 15, 2019

Federal Flocking Fun

 It took me long into the night with a cracking headache, but the men pushed on and finally the job was done. Hard work but totally worth it! Everything up to date and looking better for it.

 This is the proud moment when I introduced my new four bases to the rest of the corps, lots of cheering and hats in the air. I have many more to base up and intermingle with my very old stuff. These new bases brings the tally up to 50, loads I hear you say but the army lists I’m looking at have 100+.
 Even my rules of choice ‘Bonny Blue Flag’ have lists of 71 bases (Confederate) and 64 bases (Federal) for their bigger scenario game. Well we all need goals in life now let’s get the flock out of here. So really I'm almost there for my Federal forces.

 I started basing these figures for Regimental Fire and Fury, until I played them and found them quite complicated, Kevin Calder’s BBF came to the rescue. The rules seem great but they lack scenarios, this is where RFF comes back in with their many scenario books. Using these scenario books will allow me to play games using correct unit strengths and accurate maps of high detail, while using strong simple rules. Best of both worlds! Each of these three figure bases equal 40 men.

 The new grass (6mm-4mm) looks great on these Union troops. A mix of different lengths really adds to the natural look.
Here is the Corps before the great flocking, they were okay but I think the extra work was worth doing.


Biblicrafts Miniatures said...

Excellent figures and realistic grassy bases!!
Great job sir!!

Grenzer John said...

Good looking basing! Hurrah, boys! Hurrah!

caveadsum1471 said...

Super looking basing! Well worth it!
Best Iain

Phil Curran said...

Time for tea I think.

James said...

Now flock your Middle Earth armies!

Secundus said...

I hear ya James :)

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

The work paid off!


Frank Pacella said...
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