Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sarissa precision Zulu wagon

 Well the new wagons from SP arrived and the answer was yes they were easier to put together than the 4ground ones, however part of this kit is in fact cardboard. This didn’t seem to cause any real problems until it came to painting. I use a lot of washes in my quick style and this started to warp the cardboard side planks. So be a little careful with your wishes on this one.
 This kit was a slightly higher price than the other two but does come with ammo boxes. These are a real arse to make and a different glue should be used from wood glue. Although it is really tempting to leave these out and use sculpted cargo, they actually are worth the trouble when finished. They also make great cover when taken out of the wagons.
So all in all nice kits and worth getting.
 I sprayed one wagon with French blue and this matched exactly some reference I had found one line from a collectors range of Anglo Zulu larger figures. The other will be brown with red wheels.


BigRedBat said...

Very nice! I'm not, in general, a fan of laser cut vehicles, but those come out really well.

caveadsum1471 said...

Nice looking wagons,I bought some warbase ones which were excellent value, easy to put together and didn't have any cardboard which was a bonus!
Best Iain

Phil Curran said...

So useful in many different gaming scenarios.