Saturday, January 20, 2007

The 'EAGLE' novels

I'm enjoying the first one so much that I bought a few more to keep me going. The first one in the series is the one with the dagger on the front ' Under the Eagle'. I highly recommend them, they make my three hours travelling everyday to Londinium and back just fly by and for that, I love them!

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Still Anonymous said...

I've started to read When the Eagle Hunts, but have had some difficulty overlooking the several erroneous and suspect details that I've already found in only the first 10 or so pages.

Examples include: omitting to mention the decurions in the centuries; stating that triremes had galley slaves, and chained ones at that; suggesting that the Romans used triangular [???] sails from the artemon ('bowsprit'); and having a trireme row when under sail.