Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Secundus enters Rome (campaign 50!)

With it's army destroyed and it's Senate gone, Rome seemed almost devoid of life. Those who stayed were horrified to see the army with which Secundus entered the city. Soldiers, who looked more like wild animals than legionaries. Rough, tough veterans, interested in only one thing...personal gain of any sort!
All order broke down once the army entered the city and it took days to finally bring the looting legionaries back under control. Secundus was turning out to be a bad general in everyone's eyes, except for that of his men. They had fought a hard battle to get here and Secundus now let them enjoy the 'spoils of war' for a couple of days, as he called it. After all, they had earned alittle freedom. Rome had rejected Secundus twice and now he gave Rome two days of hell in return.

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