Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bolt-action Miniatures

Hello there, and welcome back. As you can see this week I have been painting more Germans, only this time, from Bolt-Action miniatures.
These five figures come from a ready made ten man squad, straight off the shelf and at first I wasn't overly impressed. However, on closer inspection I found them to be full of character with nice little details that made them all great individuals. An example of this, is the soldier reloading with the spade tucked into his belt for any close combat surprises.
I also liked the mix of uniform types in the squad, ranging from smock coats to covered helmets to Zeltbahns (quarter tents warn as camouflage). In all, It gives a very nice feel of a late war German Section.

This Section leader among others is painted with 'German field grey' from Vallejo paints. I thought It made sense to buy the right colour, just to be sure and to save hours of mixing time on the tile. I also stuck a spare helmet on him just In case he needs it ...well those Americans do love their Artillery!

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