Saturday, August 18, 2007

Secudus leaves Alpes Gallica and invades Noricum (campaign 64)

After waiting for two weeks for re-enforcements from Germany, Secundus, impatient as ever, decided to with draw from Aples Gallica dragging his injured pride behind him. This had been the first major battle between the two leading men of Rome and one that he had lost, tired, weary men trod their path behind secundus's standard for six miles as he marched north.
Although Secundus had been beaten, he wasn't finished by a long shot and with his army in tow, he saw another opportunity for gain. Swinging his army east he trudged into Noricum, at first there was minor resistance from a border Garrison, but when the sheer size of Secundus's force was realized, the province flocked to his colours. Even in defeat, Secundus had claimed a minor victory. Here his men would rest up and take stock, for secundus could take comfort in the fact the Tullus's force had fared little better and he was in no position to push the advantage, for now the campaign would slow down to a game of waiting and watching. That is, until Secundus's German Legions arrived! Then the sandal would be on the other foot.

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