Friday, August 31, 2007

Planning to build a Roman Villa?

A picture in a book really caught my imagination the other day, it's from page 69 in the Warhammer rule book. It's a simple line drawing of a group of Franks raiding a villa which is being defended by a group of late Romans. The thought of having a Villa to defend in the Campaign made my mouth water and I thought it would make a great focal point for a game.
So I started to give the idea some thought, looking through books and doing endless sketches and designs on the way to work. Using the line drawing as a guide I recreated the rest of the Villa from scratch and started to collect materials.
I was able to take off cuts of Foam board and scraps of card from a finished job at work which saved some money, also working with highly talented model makers I was able to pick their brains and show them my designs for advice....which was priceless. A lot of my ideas didn't work and I had to come up with new ones to solve the problems, so if any of you out there are looking to build a Roman Villa, here's how I did it, I hope it helps.

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