Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Eastern Promise

I've finally got round to starting those Armenian Cataphracts from Alanicus's army of Anatolia and I couldn't resist the odd conversion or two. The figures I decided to use were from Old Glory's Sassanid Persian range , their conical helmets seemed very Armenian to me

I used 'green stuff' from Games workshop to make half of them cloaks. These will be painted a light yellow/brown with reddish borders and highly decorated. The good thing about painting up Cataphract units is that you can use them for loads of different eras, these will also fit into my Seleucid army.
TIP; By marking on the anvil the spot for the best results, the whole process became a lot easier and took half the time. A simple tip I know but it really helped to cut down the preparation time.


Still Anonymous said...

Good stuff, and great tip! What are those bases made of?


simon said...

They're just pieces of cardboard that I stick them to for the undercoat and painting stages. They get ripped off and replaced with Games Workshop bases when they're finished.