Saturday, April 26, 2008

Roman Road Works

I've decided to try and blitz all my terrain problems this week as I had a few days of work. Next up on the production line were my Roads I had bought from War games Terrain. They are nice pieces and most of the 'heavy' work has already been done. I just thought they needed a little extra something to pull them up with the rest of my collection.
Above can be seen the original and on top, my fresh start with sand and grit extras. Already, even without paint I think there is an improvement. I plan to add all kinds of road side extras, like branches and planks of wood (fallen from carts). My friend gave me the idea of adding a Roman Mile stone to the roadside, a must!

Also muddy tracks and ruts will be added using PVA glue like with the river ford earlier on the Blog. My main worry is sourcing enough brown paint to cover them all, there's a lot. I think there will be a lot of watering down involved.


Still Anonymous said...

Nice roads! About how wide are the road surfaces themselves? How wide are the bases?

For brown paint, have you tried looking for acrylic/latex mis-tints from a local hardware (builders' [?]) shop?

Over time, I have acquired all manner of sand and earth colours in one litre tins, for the equivalent of 1.50 GBP each.

Failing that, if you were to bring in a sample, I expect that they could match it closely enough in household acrylic or latex paint.

Note that a sample of actual paint should be easier to match - I had once tried getting a match to a photograph in a magazine, but the dots in the printed image really threw the scanner off. In the end, I had to match by eye and sample chip.


Anonymous said...

Superb blog! A friend told me all about it whilst extolling the virtues of these new plastic Romans:

Great to see someone actualy making great looking terrain - its a lost art with everyone focusing on models.

I'll make sure t tell the chaps at my gaming club about this site - well done, sir!

simon said...

Arr yes the new plastic Romans....I've been following them closely. I didn't make 'Salute' this year and so missed their big launch, but I'm quite interested.

The metal character figures that acompany the set really catch my eye though and I may place an order or two when thay settle down a bit. I love the Centurion based on Angus McBrides Osprey illustation, he's a must for my collection.The scope for conversions is endless with spare heads and weapons, we will have to see. Watch this space I suppose.