Saturday, June 21, 2008

MG42 lays down suppressing fire.

The dreaded MG42 or 'Hitler's saw' as It was known to the British.
I was pleased with the milliput shell cases and will use the technique on my other gun emplacements and figure bases. I've started to base my infantry on 2p's now, rather than 1p's to give them more room for base detail. Also, It gives each figure a more satisfying weight when handled. This was influenced again by my trip to the MK games day and a look at what other players were doing.
Another top tip I tried and liked the look of, was adding some flock to the camouflaged helmets. This works well and adds extra detail to the figure.

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Kircaticus said...

The level of detail on these is phenomenal. My tired old eyes just can't pick it out when I see your figures 'in the flesh', but these close ups are superb.
The modeling is exemplary again; that flock on the helmets is definitely effective. These really are mini-diaramas.
I know they're not Romans, but more pictures please.