Monday, August 25, 2008

A Roman Baggage Train

A Centurion of the guard holds up the Train until the road can be cleared of a fallen tree, sounds like an ambush to me.
Back on the move again. However, these supply Trains can only go as fast as the slowest waggon, making them very venerable to attack in the wilderness.


Still Anonymous said...

Great ideas and execution! The wagons seem to be Foundry, but which manufacturers did the various figures?


Andrew said...

I can answer for him. The civilians are the Celtic Folk sets from Black Tree Design.

I like the idea too! I have those celts, and I've been thinking of buying some Old Glory Miniatures wagons for my own celtic farm diorama.

simon said...

Hello Andrew It's an honour to have you on the site. I've used your research and web site to help me with all manor of painting and modelling tasks. I found your illustrations of the different Legion Vexilations really helpful and use them all the time. I have your Roman shield designs also printed out and stuck in my Roman scrap book, which includes loads of Roman reference from the web. So thankyou very much, It's nice to find another like minded soul into Ancient History.

I see you have added a lot more since the last time I looked so I have a little catching up to do.

I'm glad you like what I'm doing because a lot of it has been influenced by your own research and hard work, It's all part of the great circle of life! Unfortunately, the old lion who taught me that was caught by Alanicus and turned into a headress for his Eagle bearer of the 6th. Oh well, great stuff!

simon said...

Yes, the Celtic folk are indeed from Black tree Design which do fantastic offers every now and then, so keep your eyes on their web site.

The Roman cavalry and Legionaries are from Essex Miniatures, they're good because you can buy them as single figures. The carts are from Foundry.....many years ago before they went down the Games workshop price route I may add.

Today one of those carts would cost you £11 with £8 packing, the same with those three donkeys on the base. I don't tend to buy from them any more on account I have a Mortgage to pay.

However, keep an eye on Warlord games and their plastic ranges, they do a legioaary pack mule for £2, I have ordered a couple and will be expanding the Baggage Trains.

BigRedBat said...

Really lovely paint work.

Front Rank do some ox carts that I've been meaning to paint up. Irregular miniatures also do a lot of parts for wagons... and Alternative army do a mule I'm tempted by, although it is packless.

Is the front centurion Essex too? Looks bigger.

IS the "cold war" about to hot up?

BRB Simon

Vinnie said...

Just like to say I love your blog. Heaps of great painting and pictures - fantastic


simon said...

Thanks boys, Vinnie, I love your site too, there's a lot of fantastic painting there. Hundreds of man hours of work...very inspiring.

I have been penning illustrations on my trips to London on the train every day for the past two weeks. They will tell the gripping story of the Battle of Narona in Dalmatia ( all fictional of course). It was an amazing game and should make for some fun story telling.

I just need to find a little more time to colour them and post them up with the unfolding story. As I'm always saying these days, Time is my major enemy in this Campaign.

I was amazed by the results and I just hope that my 'O'level English skill is up to doing them justice.

simon said...

Yes that Centurion is part of the new range from Essex Miniatures. I quite like them as their a little bit different from other ranges.

I have just ordered some brand new figures from Warlord miniatures, they do some good centurions and standard bearers. I think it has pumped a little more life into the Roman wargames world, which is always a good thing.

I have even bought two boxes of their plastic Celts, they look quite good for skimishers with their running poses.

Andrew said...

No, no, no. It is I that has the honor. I really like Iron Mitten. The drawings are a nice way to illustrate posts in between mini-photos. I am glad that you find my website useful. I don't update it as much as I want!

I just started a wargames blog of my own. I posted a couple photos of those same Celtic Folk models.

The blog has a fantasy theme, but I'm sure more of my historic stuff will creep in there.

Andrew said...


You mentioned on my blog that you were planning on building a smithy. I have a bunch of books on Iron Age and Roman buildings. Feel free to email me through my redrampant site if you'd like to get the titles. I know I have a reconstruction illustration of a Roman potter's workshop and a glass workshop. I imagine a smithy might look similar.

Still Anonymous said...

Andrew, please expect another e-mail message for the titles, too.

Alternatively, have you considered listing them on some part of your blog as a bibliography of sorts?

Finally, would Guy de la Bedoyère be the author of some of them?


still anonymous said...

Andrew, e-mail sent!

By the way, my PC and browser (IE 6) can only show your homepage's contents list up to and including "The Romans C.13. Legion Shield Blazons".

Everything beyond that appears as a column of half-obscured letters to the right "A D G 1 2 3 4 5 6".


Dracmuller said...

Lovely little addition to your roman armies. Of interest, to me, is that my virtual renaissance scotland RP game has had a bit of a minor war recently, and I ended up managing the armies baggage train. Seeing such on your site brought it all back!

Cheers again.