Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Terentius Enters Dalmatia (Campaign 101)

General L.Terentius enters Dalmatia at the head of one of the finest armies in the Roman world, the Army of Thrace. Made from tough professional soldiers, this army would be unstoppable in the field.

Just across the border Terentius halted his huge force to discuss a plan of action with his generals, after two hours, a plan was decided upon. The army would head up the coast where it could be supplied by sea and use the well established trade roads. This army of full time soldiers could cover great distances in no time and Terentius knew that with it, he could go on to take Rome itself.

Above, Terentius glowers at his generals over a map of the province. Behind him stand his personal assistants, all young boys. This group of young boys and men follow Terentius every where, even on to the battlefield at times. He lovingly refers to them as 'his little bodyguards'. For this reason he has been frowned upon in Rome, but Alanicus knows he is a good general despite his vices and over looks them.

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