Sunday, January 11, 2009

Badofix joins the horde


BigRedBat said...

Lovely work! Really chracterful.

Two questions- the dried blood on the sword; is that ink? And are you using a longer static grass on the bases? Looks very effective.

Secundus said...

Hello BigRedBat hope you are well, with my foray into WWII, I have started to use more Tamiya paint colours. Amongst them is a pot called 'smoke', this I read was very good for armour.

It's kind of like a blacky/brown ink wash but being Tamiya tends to dry glossy. So after I had matt varnished the figures, I used some of this 'smoke' (pot code X-19)to wash over in. It dried great and gave the effect of fresh blood on the blade. I have just found the colour myself and will be using it from now on. The armour looks really good with it, not so much the chainmail but the helmets.

For Badofixs base i used longer static grass, well spotted. This was because i have started to use it for my Brits and I think it looks better than the shorter flock. Of course this means I will have to go back and reflock my entire German Platoon now but I think it will be worth it.

BigRedBat said...

Curses! I'll be needing that long grass, too, then.

Have you seen the static grass tufts from Silflor imported via Antenocitii (sp)? Very good, lots of time saving... as soon as they restock I shall be purchasing lots.

I'll try some ink experiments, too.

As I said, lovely work!


Secundus said...

I've just had a look and they look very nice.

I have to admit I am a little weary of terrain making companies these days. I had a bad experience with 'All Terrain' last year that went under with about seventy five of my hard earned pounds. He said he would repay everybody but he never did. Over the weeks and model orders I got to know him quite well and warned him of the dangers of making terrain to such a high standard to demand. I also told him how great it was that somebody was making this stuff for gamers and how it helped players with limited time on their hands( like me).

I spoke too soon for his standard soon dropped badly and then it ceased altogether. I learnt a hard lesson there but I could still see it from his point of view, terrain is soooo time comsuming that making it to order was bound to catch up with him and it did. There is a morale there somewhere, just be careful with small companies making to order I suppose, If they get too successful they may struggle to keep up with the demand.

My winge is over, thanks, I've been waiting a year to get that off my chest...phew.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Secundus

I know a chap in Scotland who used to make a lot of fantastic Roman buildings for me, but then unfortunately got a real job (terrain making just doesn't pay!). I'm hoping he may return to modelling later this year, as his work is exceptional. I'll put some photos of his buildings on my blog...

Secundus said...

Those Roman buildings on your Blog are the best I have ever seen on a gaming board!!

I need to try and sourch some of those sheets of plastic pan tiles used by model makers. They were the hardest thing to recreate on my villa. Very inspirational, thankyou.