Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cromwell comes for tea

One day Cromwell came to tea.


BigRedBat said...

Nice cartoon. Is there going to be a tank? BTW some of my Celts are newly up on my blog, and some of my Roman buildings are in the background.

Secundus said...

Yes I saw, really nice stuff. What I like about your work is that you use very clear, clean colours, which leads to very striking figures.

I tend to use washes with black and brown on top of my colours which makes them look a little dirty and muted. Yours are very clean and the colours really stand out, really nice work. I left you a comment about your Roman building on my last post, they too are out standing.

I have a Corgi Cromwell tank for my British Platoon, being 1:50 scale it is slightly out of scale (too big). Now, as I have bought scaled German tanks to match the figures the question is; will the Corgi Model be good enough for my perfectionist mind, we'll have to see. At any rate it will be repainted, that much i can tell you.

How many celts have you got now? There must be a Tactica army there....or two. Very impressive.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Secundus- have a look on my Blog- all will be revealed!

I'm a perfectionist, too, it's a curse! So far I've sold 2 Perry Roman armies becuase the miniatures are too small alongside the bigger 28s I favour.