Saturday, June 27, 2009

Batavians on guard duty

This week I have been drawing up Batavian Auxiliaries and trying to design a good look for them. I like the shield design featured in Ancient Warfare Magazine and have seen It used elsewhere on the Internet for Batavians.
I like the idea of backing this design in the hope that It may become a kind of short hand for Batavians troops on the war games table and an easy way of recognising Batavians among other Auxiliary units. This is kind of wrong I know and may lead to misinformation, a bit like everybody thinking all Romans wore red after watching the old 60's sword and sandal films. However, I still like the Idea of using it.
Also, I want to include a few long sleeved and trousered warriors in there to give a bit of German character. These could be new recruits just arrived, or old veterans who have taken a few liberties with their dress.


BigRedBat said...

Nice drawing- very irregular looking! Did you see the article on about the marten fur and feathers discovered on (probably) Batavian helmets? I'd love to do the feathers but it would be a big job.

Secundus said...

Thanks for the tip, I had a look but couldn't find the article. I have picked up the brush at last and started on a few Brits. Man It feels good!!!!!!

BigRedBat said...

Hi Secundus

All the articles are good, but the one on Batavian helmets is fascinating. He also wrote some pieces in Ancient Warfare Magazine, which I'd recommend.