Saturday, June 13, 2009

Campaign Battle, Sunday 5th of July

The order has been given! The Army of Gaul with do battle with the Army of the Rhine. Will it be Tullus and the Senate who prevail, or shall General Dewolfus claim another victory for Secundus. Only the Gods can decide...that and a few dice of course.


Almost Anonymous said...

Alright! Now, what does the map look like?


Secundus said...

The Map hasn't changed yet from the latest up date. All the Provinces have been snapped up which means the only way to expand is to invade.

Hopefully from now on there will be more battles as players try to push for richer areas...and Rome of course.

However, finding time to play is still the biggest issue and it may be months at a time before we see battles actually played out. Although in game terms no time has passed so what takes years in playing time only accounts for months in the Campaign.

Rodney said...

I've actually marked this on my calendar.