Friday, September 16, 2011


I have decided that Thursday will be my painting night. It's so hard these days to find time for anything 'hobby', that I have been forced to choose a night to do it. It's off to a bad start though as last night I had to go out.

I also have a pile of cartoons that are gathering dust that need to be Blogged, some of them are hardly relevant any more. Life 3, Hobby 0.


Rodger said...

Love the cartoons but I also hope the Thursday night painting works out.

The Angry Lurker said...

What about extra time, the painting is important but the cartoons are good.

Consul said...

I need to do this. I haven't picked up a brush in months. My paints are all seperating and my Army Painter has developed a nice crust.


P.S. could you repost the Table of the Gods or possibly email it to me? I'd love to read it.

Bluewillow said...

yes setting time aside for painting is very important, that way you plan and become more efficient and productive.