Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Cedo Alteram'

The merciless Centurion nicknamed Cedo Alteram by his men. It meant 'Bring me another' and referred to his habit of breaking vine staffs over recruits' backs.

When his Legion rebelled, Cedo was given a taste of his own medicine and put to death.

The Legion had its own way of dealing with such men.


BigRedBat said...

Very nice! Would be great to have a figure with vinestick named as him, for use as some type of game marker.

Cheers, Simon

cbaxter said...

that is awesome

Otto van Lemonocle said...

Ah, yes! I know that story, tells things about discipline and “democratic rules” in the legions: respected by your men, yes; but not brutally strict…

The figure matches correctly to the story, very nice indeed!

Docsmith said...

Love it! Another great character - was he one of the super soldiers - 'Primus Pilus' or just another brutal senior NCO-type?

Merry Christmas mate and more strength to yer scribblin' arm in 2012!