Sunday, February 26, 2012

Celtic Raiding party

Well here they are after months of sitting on the painting table. I've finally got around to finishing them off. I have four units of Celtic cavalry now so to give myself a reason to paint them and to make them different, I converted quiet a few of these using plastics.

Spoils of war, this lucky Celt has bagged himself a Roman standard in a daring hit and run operation. I tried to give these guys the look of a raiding party by giving them Roman equipment and loading their mounts with loads of trophy severed heads. They also carry more standards than the other Calvary units. These will be the ones to watch on the gaming board I think.

A captured Roman helmet sits on this wounded Celts head.

I've used Warlord Games Plastic Celt heads to add more variety to the war band. After using over forty Foundry figures the basic poses needed to be given a make over.

On the run again, these swift horsemen seem to strike from nowhere and fade away just as fast, leaving nothing but dead bodies behind them.


EinarOlafson said...

I like them a lot!!

Jason said...

That does it! I'm buying Warlord Games Cavalry at 'Overlord' at Abingdon next week. Great figures and fab painting. I love it when it when inspiration strikes!

Secundus said...

These cavalry are a mixture of 1st Corps and Foundry. The plastic Warlord sets are very handy for creating new poses.

Emilio said...

I love celts!!! No, wait... I love celtic WOMEN... yes, that is :)