Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Right Place Right Time.

This Centurion found himself in the right place today and was painted using the paint left over from the Auxiliaries. It's a little thing but one that cheers me up. One down two thousand more to go.

Painted quickly using just a mid colour then washed with Citadel brown ink. After the ink was dry the same mid colour was painted over as a highlight. Job done move onto the next.

A paint job hardly worth a post, but there's nothing like getting an extra figure painted for free to cheer a man up.


Phil Broeders said...

Iron Mitten posts are like buses. You wait for ages then three turn up at the same time!

Glad to see you back!

Mr. Lee said...

Great model mate, and perfect for Table Top quality. Agreed that the mid-tone, wash, then mid-tone as a highlight really works at times.