Friday, November 29, 2013

HotT Work!

This is my little nod to the HotT game by doing my own version of the front cover. It shows two armies which I plan to paint up. A heroic High Elf champion cuts a swathe through a horde of Dark Elves.

I still haven't got around to painting yet, but that doesn't mean I have stopped thinking about it and planning stuff. The good news is now I have a room with a gaming board in it, so a test game of Clash of Empires might be in order. It's a game we've been meaning to play for a least a year, but life has got in the way.


BigRedBat said...

Very nice! Painting again? Simon

Graham C said...

Wish I had as much talent as you, great stuff again! You can check the cards I made with your sketches on my scotia Albion blog. Thanks once again

Anonymous said...

iron mitten aka Secundus aka Simon?

Someone on TMP would like to contact you.
Please see this thread:

Mr Hotspur said...

Secundus, I am the one trying to get in contact with you. It'd be great if you would drop me an email when you get a moment.


irregularwars{at }gmail[do t) com