Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not long now before brush town!

The new house is almost in order which means soon I can put down the big brush for painting walls and pick up the tiny brush for figures! I have been getting quite bad painting withdrawal. I keep buying war games magazines and reading Blogs that make my creative juices boil over, so I'm more than ready.

Over the last couple of years I have wandered into many different eras of history with my painting. Although this was good for keeping me going, trying to pick up the brush again has left me spoilt for choice. I have seen other artists make 'to do' lists on their Blogs and now I can see why, it gives them a little more focus and something to keep them from straying off the path. For me there are only two things that I am burning to get on with. First is the rebasing and expansion of my 28mm ACW for 'Regimental Fire and Fury'. I have read and heard great things about this game and I really want to up date my old minis so I can play it.

 The next item on my 'to do' list is to paint up some more elements for HotT. There is so much imagination in this game that It is almost overwhelming. The sheer number of elements and basing ideas are a creative's dream and I can't wait to get stuck in to those big diorama style bases.I have about eight more elements of Dwarves to do but many other classic Fantasy armies are waiting in the wings for their turn.

Still, I 'm not their yet and still have another month or so to go. Also there is a surprise bundle on it's way which may complicate my painting plans...


Graham C said...

When we did up our home it was almost 6 months of constant work, each evening my good lady told me to go and paint a few figures to wind down. Got loads done.
Some tweaks coming for HOTT with the advent of DBA 3.
Also favour to ask can I use a couple of your roman sketches for some cards I'm making for myself for Simon's (aka Big Red Bat Cave) rules - To the Strongest.?

Mike Lally said...

Hi Secundus,

Can I commission a drawing from you?


Simon Miller said...

Hi Secundus, if the surprise is what I think it is, then you had better get painting fast; there won't be much time after!

Re ACW, I have recently been playing Longstreet, it is a most enjoyable game, full of period flavour. I am developing a Southern drawl... I think it would be well worth a peek.

Secundus said...

Hi Graham yes sure use what ever you like for the game, I can't wait to see it in a hard copy. Just credit the artwork to Ironmitten.

@Mike, I'm sorry due to heavy work loads I can't do commissions.

Hi Simon loving your articles in the magazines! Thanks for the tip about Longstreet, you can never have enough ACW rule books :)

Simon Miller said...

Glad you are enjoying them! Another one in the next WSS... a big battle.

Longstreet has proved such a laugh. In the last game a Confederate cavalry regiment kept riding backwards and forwards over the same ground trying to decide which of several threats to respond to, first. Now they are nicknamed "The Vacillators"!

Graham C said...

@Secundus, many thanks once the cards arrive I will post you a link and of course will give full credit to source. Thanks very much

Graham C said...

if you want to check out my blog
you will see the cards I have had made with your illustrations. Once again many thanks