Monday, September 01, 2014

ACW fencing

 Gearing up for the American Civil War I have been finally piecing together all of my ACW fencing I have made or bought over the years. The ones above are some I made back in 2000 and coloured white, to bring them in line with some I bought recently I painted them in wood brown and added some detailing like rocks at their bases.

 Here is a batch I bought off eBay recently, they are nice but need a bit more detailing to bring them up to scratch. I took chunks out of the round logs with a knife and re flocked the bases. I also added rocks and bushes to made each segment different.

 Almost done, you can see the rocks are still wet and once dry they will be dry brushed and the base flocked with different colours.

A before and after segment of rail fence. The one on the right is how It was bought from eBay.

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