Saturday, April 04, 2015

Elf Heros and their commands

 Managed to paint some more today and got to finish off a few more bases of Elves. The guy above is a very heroic looking chap and so will be given a command. In my mind he could be Glorfindel in the time of Gondolin before its fall, with his high looking armour. On all of these new Elves I have given their blades a wash of blue and purple ink to make them look a little more magical.
 I loved this guy the moment I saw him on eBay, as It turns out the seller was a bit of a tw@t and It took a long time to secure him. So after all the fuss and bother I was glad to see him in the flesh. I think he is a Kevin Adams sculpt and certainly looks very middle earth with his curved sword. In my mind I have him down as Elrond Half Elven.
 I do enjoy making up these Elven standards. I have taken off the thick lead flags that came with the figures and decided to make my own with paper. This allows me to have long swirling banners which I think looks better with these fancy fair folk. It was painted to reflect the stars and the light of a Silmaril. It will go on Glorfindel's base and be his banner.

 Elrond in place with his standard and selected banner guards. I released when I was varnishing these Elves, that their armour and weapons looked better when they were gloss varnished. The Windsor and Newton Matt varnish is very, very matt and so I went back a painted the armour and blades again with' Klear' floor varnish. This varnish isn't too gloss and just gives a nice sheen to things. The blades of the weapons looked better for it too. I like the idea of my Elves being brighter and a bit more sparkly than my drab, dull Orc hordes.
Lovely clean blue Elven magical blades compared to crude, rusty weapons of the Orcs.


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