Saturday, April 04, 2015

Painting LOTR Trolls

 As well as dabbling with my Elven folk today I got the chance to do a bit more on one of these great troll figures. Unlike the GW sculpts, this troll is large enough to show the actual 'rhino' like skin cracks. This should be fun because It's one of the features of these beasts but very hard to do with the GW range.
 I started by painting the troll in a light sandy colour, this will form the base for the thick hide. After this I wet brushed on layers of darker paint being careful not to get any in the cracks of the hide.
 Above is a more up to date scale guide to the LOTR trolls I have been talking about. Only the one in the middle is an actual war gaming piece, the others are collectors items. However, they still make great gaming pieces in their own right.
 After I had played around with the darker shades I started to focus on the difference between the light coloured chest and belly and the thick hide of the back. This model is so detailed that I decided to give the back a light dry brush to pick out the details of the skin. The armour is yet to be done. Also this model has brilliant eyes, must better than I could paint, so I made sure to leave them alone and Is the reason I didn't undercoat the model.


 Elrond chances his luck against a giant mountain troll, I just don't know where you would start do you?

Fill It full of arrows from a distance I hear you cry.

 Another scale shot showing the GW battle troll and the larger Eaglemoss lead chess piece. It's a great model well worth tracking down on eBay.


Engel said...

Wow, what a beast.

Steve said...

Good call. Just picked one up on eBay for £8! :-)

Дмитрий Фомин said...

Chic trolls!

Дмитрий Фомин said...
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Phil said...

Impressive, so impressive!

Scutatus said...

Wonderful Trolls and wonderful work on them.

Just one point though. You don't necessarily need to worry too much about the size of the troll. So long as they are bigger than humans, that is likely good enough. Tolkien himself never really told us how big trolls actually were. The "trolls must be massive" thing was more of a Jackson interpretation.

The implication (from Norse-Germanic legend - which Tolkien tapped for inspiration) does rather suggest that trolls were "giants" - but one can be a "giant" at seven feet tall. Indeed, being as most trolls in Middle-earth were largely subterranean in nature - in order to avoid the sun - one could argue that there is the strong suggestion that something like 7ft or 9ft versions (rather than 30 ft tall types) were the norm. Or else how did they fit into the caverns and tunnels?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Looking good
The rumours of LOTR termination in GW seem to be true
So if you want more
Buy them now

Agence immobilière maroc said...

Thanks for sharing !

GameserverZone LTD said...

Amazing trolls! Thanks for sharing!
Is there any way to give us detailed info on what colors you used to achieve that result?
Thank you!