Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Black Uruk Beserkers

 Finally got some of these huge Black Uruks based up. My idea for these is that they will be the bridge takers and shield wall smashers that run before the army of Sauron. They are large Reaper Miniatures 'polymer' models again and tower above the other Orc figure ranges.
 These beserkers needed some kind of face paint to make them look totally crazed. I chose some very crude white marking harking back to the LOTR films. I think It helped, some of them have also gorged on blood to work themselves into a frenzy.
 The paint used was Tamiya Field grey (FX-50) with a black ink wash over it to darken it down. A highlight of  the same Field grey was then added again followed by another slightly lighter one after that ( tiny bit of flesh colour mixed in to Field grey). The rest of the model was just given a quick base colour, washed with black then highlighted once.
 Size guide with the Elven host, These large figures will have two hit points each in Dragon Rampant with six in a unit. To help with their unstoppable look, I have peppered them with arrows, many have been snapped off in contempt. These frenzied butchers stop at nothing and feel no pain, handy when fighting Elves and their constant hail of arrows.
The Elf lord is not impressed as he gives the signal for another volley.

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